Book a Photoshoot with me

You can book a photoshoot with me in NYC. Below are some details.

Types of photoshoot

  • Portraits
    • Family/couples portraits
    • Professional portraits
    • Profile headshots
    • Pets portraits
  • Events
    • Weddings
    • Social and corporate events
  • Marketing / Social Media photos
    • Club, bar, restaurants, clothing stores
    • Food and product photos


  • Portraits: $25/hr (if I'll use the photo in my portfolio, otherwise $150/hr)
  • Events: $50/hr (if I'll use the photo in my portfolio, otherwise $150/hr)

Generally, we'll have 50 to 100 photos per hour of shooting and 400 to 800 photos for a full day event. You can choose to receive all the photos or just the selected & edited ones.


Sunday: anytime

Saturday: not available generally

Tuesday/Thursday: early morning (sunrise to 1 hr after that)

Monday to Thursday: early evening (7 - 9pm)


You can email me at

I'm generally open to requests from the clients in terms of locations. Here are a few suggestions along with example photos.

Brooklyn Bridge

Recommended time: sunrise

Central Park

Recommended time: sunrise


Recommended time: sunrise


Recommended time: sunrise, sunset

Time Square

Recommended time: evening

Indoor Options: Oculus, Grand Central, Subway Stations

Recommended time: anytime