Tech Consulting & Career Coaching

Tech Consulting & Career Coaching
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For companies/startups:

  • I'm open to part-time consulting or advisory roles at startups solving organizational and technical problems: e.g. tech stack choices, system architecture, hiring / scaling up teams, eng processes, leveling up senior eng / leadership.
  • The domains I'm most familiar with are Machine Learning/AI (tech stack and product, especially in search, NLP, recommendations), Web Development, Social Media, B2B+B2B2C SaaS, and semiconductor/hardware/deep tech.
  • The company sizes I worked with are from startup (2 grew to 70 ppl, i.e. I know your pain :)) to large tech firms. The organizations I've built and led ranges from 1 to 40 engineers.

For individuals:

I'm open to career coaching by email (preferred) or call. Topics I can help with (i.e. have direct experience) are the following:

  1. career change/choices + whether/how to break into software industry
  2. how to choose between companies/offers + negotiations
  3. career growth (IC or eng manager up to manager of managers).

To get started, feel free to email me at .